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Mixed martial arts is the most exciting, most challenging and faster growing sport in the world today. MMA incorporates fighting techniques from many traditional martial arts and fighting sports to form the ultimate style of hand-to-hand combat. A mixed martial arts practitioner is comfortable fighting from any position, including on the feet, on the ground, and in the clinch. Popularized by the UFC organization in the early 90ís, championship bouts in the MMA cage have proven the styleís effectiveness as a system of combat. Learn MMA in the Milwaukee area today, by finding gyms that offer complete MMA training. Whether your goals are to get in shape, blow off some steam, or to one day fight in the ring or cage, mixed martial arts is suitable for anyone that is ready to learn about real fighting!

Equipment Needed for MMA

There are several great MMA clubs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, but before you begin training youíll need some essentials like protective equipment and suitable workout attire. Most MMA fighters use boxing-style gloves to hit the heavy bags and focus mitts. These gloves can be finger gloves that are similar to what is worn in actual MMA competitions, or closed gloves that fully protect the hand and fingers. Sparring gloves, which are much larger and heavier in size, are needed for sparring sessions where contact with an opponent takes place. Sparring gloves are typically the same used in boxing, and should be at least 16 oz in weight. Bag and sparring gloves should feature Velcro wrist straps for unassisted and speedy put on and removal. Other protective equipment that is needed for sparring are shin guards, a mouth guard and a groin cup. In most MMA gyms, fighters wear t-shirts or a rash guard, and shorts (often board-style fighting shorts).

What to Look For in an MMA Gym

When assessing various gyms to train at, note the size of the workout area and the amount of heavy bags that are offered to students. Training in a cramped or overly crowded area will restrict your freedom of movement and also increase your risk for injury. Find a place with spacious floor mats, a decent selection of full-sized heavy bags, and a roped ring or cage. Also, make sure the training center has an adequate amount of kick pads, focus mitts and other training essentials.

Next, search for an MMA gym in the Milwaukee area that has experienced instructors. You will want to find coaches that teach standup fighting like Muay Thai kickboxing. These trainers should have previous ring experience and know how to integrate standup striking with the broader MMA game. Finding good instruction for ground fighting techniques is equally important. Look for gyms with certified brown or black belt level Brazilian jujitsu instructors. These grappling experts should teach submissions and ground positions without the use of the gi, and should be able to deliver their knowledge in the context of MMA fighting rules.

Styles of Fighting Used in Modern MMA

As mentioned above, Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian (Gracie) jujitsu are essential styles to know for MMA combat. Kickboxing techniques are primarily used on the feet to dish out punishment with fists, shins, elbows and knees. And when the fight goes to the ground, as it typically does, Brazilian jujitsu is employed for both defending and attacking. Utilizing powerful chokes and joint locks, an MMA fighter can end a fight in an instant with the right jujitsu technique. Other sports and martial arts can also be useful for MMA practitioners. For instance, Greco-roman wrestling techniques are frequently used in MMA to and subdued an opponent. Judo is also used in MMA to leg trip and hip throw opponents to the ground -- often with violent results. Karate and taekwondo techniques, such as unorthodox kicks and punches, are also used by skillful MMA practitioners to deliver unexpected blows from unusual angles. In deed, MMA is a style that is open to any fighting technique, so long as it is legal and effective in the arena of combat. Students looking MMA gyms in the Milwaukee area, may wish to find training locations that can teach a large variety of fighting techniques that will deepen their toolbox of skills.

What are you waiting for? Start training in MMA today by finding affordable gyms in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Learn self-defense and real fighting skills while losing weight, toning muscle, and increasing your cardio stamina. Whether you are only interested in improving your fitness, or you have bigger dreams of fighting in the UFC, begin your journey right now by checking out some local gyms!